The Joy Collective
The Joy Collective
Kerry Ann Rockquemore

Welcome to The Joy Collective

A community for navigating midlife transitions

Hi there!

I'm Kerry Ann Rockquemore. 

I spent my career as a university professor, writer, and entrepreneur

Then in 2017, I retired, quit social media, and experienced a mid-life awakening. Now I spend my time doing what I love most: 1) mentoring leaders and 2) investing in women led start-ups, healing justice, and grassroots organizing.

My passion project in retirement is helping high-achievers navigate the slow and seismic midlife shift. This process starts with my Annual Clarity Retreat every December and continues throughout the year in this online community we call the Joy Collective

We are a group of mid-life professionals who are committed to supporting one another in:

  • pausing to reflect on our lives every December
  • experimenting with new habits, mindsets, and ways of being throughout the year
  • initiating slow and sustainable changes that realign how we spend our time
  • moving gracefully through various mid-life transitions, 
  • working collaboratively in small accountability groups, and 
  • slowly but surely, mastering the difficult art of enjoying life. 

If this resonates with you, we welcome you to join our Joy Collective. 

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